Digital services for libraries, archives, museums: is one of the digitisation pioneers.
Our early demonstrations have started digitisation
projects the world over. Our digitised materials
have been acquired by many of the worlds premier
university libraries. Our digitisation services
form part of research projects in Europe and Asia. is much more than an IT company :
on the one hand we are powered by an IT division
that looks back on more than a decade of successful
electronics and software design, and an equal
amount of IT optimization projects in several countries.
On the other hand, we have academics from top British,
German and Indian universities on board, who hold at least
second degrees in philological and linguistic subjects,
and who hold core positions in

This combination of IT experience and academic expertise
has enabled to develop the following services :

Digitisation of manuscripts, printed material, drawings, etc.

Meta-data creation

Digital document restoration

Digital document enhancement

Publishing and revenue creation for libraries

Development of interactive teaching software,
museum software, navigation software,
promotional software, etc.

Extract from the manuscript - quality/sharpness very strongly
reduced for web display.

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