The Hebrew Maimonides translation
by More Nebuchim

A.D. 1343

A manuscript book of world-heritage status

This is an invaluable parchment manuscript in book form, dating from A.D. 1343, of more than 540 hand-written pages, written in a beautiful Hebrew hand, and illuminated with calligraphy and innumerable illustrations, in colour and gold. It has world-heritage status, not only because of the immense beauty and rarity of its execution, but also because it contains the famous (and unique) translation into Hebrew of an Arabic text by Maimonides, a prominent Judaeo-Arabic philosopher, whose work was bridging the gap between orient and occident.

Most medieval and early modern scholars and scientists, having enjoyed a classical or humanistic education, could read Hebrew, but not Arabic, so Maimonides' text – like many other Arabic texts – found its way on the European bookshelves in the shape of this Hebrew translation. Not surprisingly, this book was once owned by Leibniz, who wrote his own name in the front of the book ("Leibnizii").

This manuscript seems to have been originally written in Southern France. It is being kept in the University Library of the University of Tübingen, Germany.

We are very happy that the University Library of the University of Tübingen is allowing us to digitise and publish this amazing manuscript as a digital facsimile, making it possible to have a book with a seven-digit insurance value on everybody's shelves! Even if you don't read Hebrew: come and enjoy this wonderful specimen of medieval art.

Archive Edition

Archive edition, normed CD-ROM format / ISO 9660 Level 1,
uncompressed TIFF with PC byte ordering.
Product ID number: A20020101.

There are also posters, framed pictures and other objects showing details or entire pages of this beautiful manuscript. Click here to go to the Arts-and-Gifts section to see what is available.