Ramanuja's Gadyatrayam

Archive edition

Digitised from a printed
Devanagari edition


Companion audio CD also available.
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Ramanuja is one of South India's most significant philosophers and teachers, a constitutional force of Srivaishnavism. His collection of three recitation pieces in the Sanskrit language, the Gadyatrayam, is a core text of practised South Indian religiosity. We are publishing the text here as archive edition, preserving a 1940 print in Devanagari script.

The three pieces of the Gadyatrayam are, in sequential order:

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A very good recording of the gadyatrayam on audio CD is also available. It is by Prof. M. A. Venkatakrishnan, University of Chennai, India, one our partners in the e-ternals.com initative. Click here for more information.