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Shaiva collection of six texts for lay people

Palm-leaf manuscript, with a colour illustration of the Seven Mother Goddesses (Saptamatrika)

For five of the six texts, this is the first edition

Archive Edition

A very old palm-leaf manuscript, thought to be from the 11th century AD, in Newari script containing six texts, which together form a popular Shaiva collection of texts for lay people, laying down guidelines for everyday life.

(a) Shivadharmottara, incomplete (15 folios)
(b) Shivadharmasangraha, incomplete (33 folios)
(c) Umamaheshvarasanvada, incomplete (21 folios)
(d) Shivopanisad, incomplete (7 folios)
(e) Vrsasarasangraha, incomplete (16 folios)
(f) Dharmaputrika, incomplete (3 folios)

Although manuscripts containing this collection of texts are known to exist in several other places, especially in Nepal, also in Cambridge University, none of these texts or manuscripts have been made public yet, with the exception of the fourth, the Shivopanisad. This latter text has been published before, as it was erroneously thought to be an Upanisad! For the other five texts, our archive edition is the first publication.

We wish to express our gratitude to Prof. Alexis Sanderson, Oxford University, who identified the texts and contributed the above information, which was instrumental for us to place the texts in the context of Shaivism, and the manuscript in the context of the current accessibility situation.

Hörnle reports that Aufrecht's Catalogus Catalogorum does not contain references to these texts, except for the fourth (Shivopanisad), for which one other copy is mentioned there.

Palm-leaf manuscript. Very large format. Altogether 95 folios.
Northern type, black ink. Sanskrit, in Newari script.
Date of manuscript thought to be 11th century A.D. (to be verified).
The inside of the wooden top cover is covered by a beautiful colour illustration, showing the Shaiva seven mother goddesses (Saptamatrika).

The original manuscript is kept in the University Library, University of
Tuebingen, library catalog no. Ma I 582.

Archive edition, normed CD-ROM format / ISO 9660 Level 1,
uncompressed TIFF with PC byte ordering.
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