The Kashmiri Paippalada Recension

Rudolph Roth's famous birch-bark manuscript

Archive Edition

This famous birch-bark manuscript is one of India's prime world heritage items. It contains the only copy of the Kashmiri Paippalada recension of the Atharvaveda, one of the four Vedas.

This is Rudolph Roth's famous Atharvaveda manuscript, kept in the University Library at Tübingen University, catalog no. Ma I 421 and Ma I 422. has produced and published the FIRST COMPLETE EDITION of this manuscript. The digitisation took more than two months.

This edition is actually a must for any serious scholar of the Atharvaveda. Includes some folios that were never published before, as well as ten pages of previously unpublished fragments.

Archive edition, normed CD-ROM format / ISO 9660 Level 1,
uncompressed TIFF with PC byte ordering.
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Includes a booklet with meta-data as well as a reference for finding folios on the CD-ROMs.