Taking part in the open e-ternals.com
initiative is obligation-free and investment-free.

Here are some ways you can earn revenue
as an e-ternals.com partner or partner organisation:

(1) Contributing digital documents or art :
If you digitise or digitally photograph documents
and/or art, we can integrate your material in our
production and publishing. There is no charge from us.
On the contrary: you earn royalties on every sale of
the material, from the first copy sold.
This option is interesting for libraries, archives,
academies, museums, digitisation providers,
other smaller digital publishers.

(2) Contributing critical editions, translations,
transliterations, introductions, prefaces,
articles or other secondary literature on documents
or art. We can publish your material traditionally
on paper, or digitally on CD-ROM. Again, there is
no charge from us. On the contrary: you earn
royalties from the first copy sold.

(3) Contributing printed or interactive publications
such as language teaching software or books
script-learning guides, digital or printed books
about authors, literature, music, painting or sculpture,
religions, traditions, or any other aspect of art or culture
museum or travel guides, or any other inteactive or
printed material that is illuminating and interesting.

If your material meets our quality requirements,
we will take care of all the rest. For example, we
convert your digital material into normed archive
CD-ROMs, market and publish it as part of our online
and offline activities, and we pay royalties on every
sale, starting with the first copy. There are no charges
from us, no deductions. We consider you a partner.

e-ternals.com is a unique opportunity for creative
professionals as well as for librries with heritage
documenta and art to actually earn some revenue
from these materials, which in many cases are
expensive to keep and preserve.

We always publish the names of the owners, keepers
and digitisers who partner with us, giving credit where
credit is due.

Come and join! Drop us a mail or call. We'll be happy
to discuss how you can come onboard.

partners@e-ternals.com, or:
Anthos Imprint Ltd.
The e-ternals.com partner program
Unter den Linden 15
72762 Reutlingen, Germany
Tel.: +49-7121-38113-40
Fax: +49-7121-38113-20

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