You can join us! is an open initiative for all those who would like
to join us in digitising, protecting, publishing and sharing
manuscripts, art, music, and any other kind of cultural heritage.

We are researchers, scholars, librarians, educators, programmers,
electronics engineers, publishers, photographers, musicians, to mention
some of the backgrounds, from Britain, France, Germany, India, and many
other places. Some of us are in charge of university library departments,
some work in university departments or are in charge of academies.
Most are indologists, medievalists or from other academic disciplines.

We have come together with one common interest: to find ways of
protecting and of publishing our cultural heritage in the best possible way.

Much of our cultural heritage is endangered. All over the world,
important manuscripts are disintegrating, disappearing, or they are
inaccessible to scholars, scientists and the public, lying dormant and not
getting published.

You can join us as an partner or partner organisation...

> ... if you are in charge of manuscript libraries, archives, museums,
collections of art, music, or any other form of cultural expression,

> ... or if you digitise, photograph, film or otherwise record
heritage documents, art and cultural events,

> ... or if you publish critical editions, transliterations,
translations, secondary literature,

> ... or if you create interactive/multimedia or other materials for
studying, teaching or simply enjoying art, literature and
all other cultural expressions.

We offer you the totally free-of-charge possibility to join in
the success of the unique digitisation and publishing
initiative. is a source of revenue for digitising
organisations, libraries, archives and individuals.

We convert your digitised material free of charge into
high-quality normed products and integrate them in
our world-wide publishing and marketing, both online
and offline. On all sales, we pay generous quarterly royalties.

Please get in touch with us if you produce digital
images of heritage documents or art, or if you
would like to publish printed or interactive material.

We will be glad to discuss the possibility of
publishing your material through   

If you are a manuscript library, or an art collection, but have
not started digitising yet, you may also wish to get
in touch with us. We are one of the pioneering
initiatives behind the world-wide trend towards
digitisation. With permanent digitisation stations
in Europe and Asia, we have gathered comprehensive
know-how in digitisation technics for a very wide
variety of cultural documents, ranging from South Indian
engraved palm-leaf manuscripts to Kashmiri birch-bark
books, from Greek papyri to Roman inscriptions, from
14th-century illuminated manuscripts to 17th-century
Mughal miniatures, from Chinese or Mongolian paper
documents to modern European poets and composers.

We have a long track-record in developing our own
digitisation stations, using special low-intensity light
and minimum-temperature devices, and producing almost
microscopic sharpness and colour fidelity.

We also enhance and reconstruct documents digitally,
using our own specialized software developing department.
Some of our algorithms were firsts, for example our algorithm
to digitally blacken South Indian palm-leaf manuscripts.

Digitising the world's cultural heritage is something that
should not just cost money – it should also be rewarding
financially. This is why we offer to publish materials for our partners. Whether it is digitised images,
transliterations (e-texts), translations, critical editions,
secondary literature, multimedia work on CD-ROM, audio
CDs with recordings from field trips, etc. –
can help you publish it and share it in this way. We pay
generous royalties and do all the publishing work for you
at no charge.

If you would like to join, or talk to us about your ideas,
please contact us!

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