New multimedia CD-ROM

"Bhagawan Ramanuja"

An introduction to the life and teaching
of the father of Vishistadvaita and Srivaishnavism
Prepared by members of the Srivaishnava communities
in Melkote and Mysore

This exquisitely programmed multimedia CD-ROM is an ideal introduction to the life and the teachings of Ramanuja, the founding father of Vishistadvaita and Srivaishnavism. As such, it also provides an excellent introduction to Srivaishnavism.
This CD-ROM is an authentic product of the Srivaishnava communities at Melkote and Mysore.

We are very happy to make this attractive CD available to the Srivaishnava communities world-wide, as well as to all others who are interested in Srivaishnava culture.

It also makes for an excellent way in Srivaishnava education. The CD has a very clear structure, and makes intelligent use of audio, animations and videos. The graphics are very attractive. This CD is a great way to introduce children and adults alike to what it means to be a Srivaishnava, in Ramanuja's tradition.

The CD was designed for Microsoft Windows 95 or higher and requires minimal installation.
System requirements: a PC with a Pentium processor (166 MHz or faster), 32 MB of RAM or more, CD-ROM drive (24-speed or higher recommended), and a sound card (optional, for the audio content).

Product ID no.: M20011231
Price: US$ 39.– / EURO 45.– / GB£ 25.–