New Devanagari manuscript from
the Rudolph Roth collection
at the University Library
of the University of Tübingen

Following requests from researchers in Germany and the United States, we have started digitising the Devanagari Atharvaveda manuscript which Rudolph Roth was using in conjunction with the original Atharvaveda manuscript. Rudolph Roth obtained this manuscript together with the original from Srinagar, Kashmir. It is an excellent manuscript executed by an expert pundit, rendered in calligraphic Devanagari, and beautifully preserved in the University Library, University of Tübingen. Rudolph Roth worked intensively with this manuscript, making innumerable marginal notes, some of which can be seen above. This manuscript is very useful in combination with the Archive Edition of the famous birch-bark original, which is in Sharada script.

The manuscript is also a fascinating teaching tool in Vedic/Sanskrit classes, giving the students the true flavour of reading from real manuscript Devanagari, rather than from modern printed versions.

This huge manuscript contains more than 400 pages. The first 100 pages have already been digitised at full Archive Edition resolution and can now be ordered in the form of a subscription. Digitisation of the entire manuscript is expected to be completed in February or March 2002.

If you are interested in the Archive Edition of this manuscript, please contact us. The Product ID no. of this edition is A20011229. Please mention it when you contact us.

Because of the many uses of this manuscript for teaching and research, and because of the extraordinary beauty of its calligraphy, we are also planning to offer a high-quality colour print reproduction of all or parts of this manuscript.