New audio CD – Sanskrit recital

Ramanuja's Gadyatrayam
recited by Prof. M. A. Venkatakrishnan,
University of Chennai

This is an authentic and very good rendering of the Gadyatrayam, a three-fold composition by Ramanuja, one of the central figures in South Indian Hinduism, founder of the Vishistadvaita school of philosophy (a form of Vedanta) and of South Indian Srivaishnavism, one of India's most influential thinkers, teachers and reformers.
Prof. M. A. Venkatakrishnan is uniquely suited for this rendering, bringing to it not only his outstanding voice, but also indological precision, as Professor of Indology at the University of Chennai. Furthermore, he is also a practising Srivaishnava priest, and this excellent rendering is an original recording in the true tradition of Srivaishnava recitation.

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A companion Archive Edition of the text on CD-ROM, in Devanagari, is also available. Please click here for more details.