A detail from the manuscript,
  written in Sharada script,
  with water-resistant black ink,
  on birch bark. 16th century AD.

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Pure Gold Technology CDs
for the Digital Atharvaveda Edition,
the famous manuscript of the Fourth Veda,
one of the national treasures of India –
 a world heritage document

This world-famous manuscript on birch bark preserves one of India's – and the world's – earliest recorded texts, dating from ca. 900 B.C.
It is the only preserved copy of the Kashmiri Paippalada recension of the Atharvaveda. Written in Kashmir in the 16th century AD, it was rediscovered in the 19th century by Rudolph Roth, in a mixture of amazing detective work and simply good luck. Through Rudolph Roth's ground-breaking work, it also became one of the seminal manuscripts in western Indology. To this day, it is being preserved in Rudolph Roth's own collection in the University Library of Tübingen, Germany. The digitisation of this rather huge manuscript was funded by Swabian IT Services (www.swabian.com), Germany. It was performed by e-ternals.com, in the first two quarters of 2001. We are happy to present the first complete edition of this manuscript to researchers and the interested public all around the world. Copies of the manuscript have already been ordered by many of the world's leading universities.
Special gold technology CDs by Mitsui are now used to present the Government of India with a complete set of this edition. These special CDs last at least 200 years and have been very generously sponsored by Mitsui Advanced Media, the most advanced CD manufacturer. Thank you, Mitsui, for helping to preserve India's national heritage, and one of the world's most important cultural heritage documents.