e-ternals.com would like to thank its generous Indian sponsor :

Mr. Nalli Chinnasami Chetty
founder of the famous Nalli silk and garment stores

Surely, the famous Nalli silk and garment stores must be among the most popular and renowned shops in India. The legendary superior quality of anything you find here is popular knowledge all over South India, so much so, that when we were transporting our new digitisation station to Melkote in a Nalli transporter, we were stopped by people who wanted to be the first to know where we would offer the silk! Sadly, we had to tell them the transporter was full of optoelectronics...

Mr. Nalli Chinnasami Chetty is one of India's most remarkable and generous businessmen. People all over India admire him for his legendary business ethics, his total commitment to offer the best possible quality and service, and for his massive support for charities and the arts. The respect and the admiration for him among the people of Chennai is quite extraordinary, and he would probably win any election without giving a single speech.
Thank you, Mr. Nalli.