e-ternals.com's first complete printed facsimile replica now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of our first printed facsimile manuscript, a complete replica at actual size. We have chosen an interesting, previously unpublished Indian palm-leaf manuscript for this, from the University Library at Tübingen University, Germany.

The manuscript is an Indian palm-leaf book of the Northern type, in the Sanskrit language, and in Bengali script, written in black ink on 22 palm-leaf folios. It contains a so far unidentified text on rituals, such as kanyadanam (the "giving of the girl", a marriage ritual) and matrpujaprayoga. The manuscript is very old, but the precise dates of the text and the writing of the manuscript have not yet been established.
The manuscript was purchased by the German scholar Rudolf Hoernle in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the 19th century, and sold by him, in 1905, to the University Library of Tübingen University, where it is still kept in the Indian manuscripts collection, as catalogue item Ma I 579. It was digitised by e-ternals.com in 2001.

This printed facsimile replica of an entire Indian manuscript is not only interesting for its so far unpublished content, but also as an educational tool, to demonstrate to university classes or school classes what an actual Indian palm-leaf manuscript looks like. It is also very useful for learning or teaching the Bengali script, from an actual manuscript.

This is a visually stunning actual-size replica, and we ship it in a beautiful black presentation box. It makes for an exquisite present, for any scholar or friend of things Indian. Each side of a palm leaf is printed at ultra-high facsimile quality on special long-lasting carton and laminated. There is also a certificate identifying the manuscript and certifying its origin.

Manuscript replica, 50 sheets (including the covers), ca. 34.6 cm x 6,6 cm, on special long-lasting carton, laminated, in a black presentation box and with a certificate.
Product ID no.: F20010629.
US $ 160.-- / EUR 189.-- / UK £ 112.--.

Of course the manuscript is also available in digital form, as Archive Edition, on long-term archive CD-ROMs guaranteed for a minimum of 100 years. See here for details.

To order, please call or send us an e-mail or a fax, specifying the product ID no. P120010629, For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team at service@e-ternals.com, or call us on +49 7121 38113-40. The fax number is +49 7121 336988.