New digitisation station at the
Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote, India

The main library at the Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote

Melkote, Karnataka, India has installed a new digitisation station at the widely known Academy of Sanskrit Research at Melkote, the ancient temple town in the South of India. The Academy of Sanskrit Research is one of India's most reputable teaching and research academies, run by dedicated professional teachers of Sanskrit, bringing together the best of traditional scholarship and academic Indology.

Founded in 1976 with sponsorship both from Karnataka State and private initiatives, the Academy has become a major centre for indological research and teaching and home to a considerable number of research projects. It offers a large variety of seminars, lectures and specialized courses, for internal and external students, and has its own press and publishing facilities. Its publishing record includes a considerable number of critical editions as well as various monographs, and also a considerable array of computer programs for linguistic/semantic analysis. The Academy publishes a quarterly newsletter with an audience of 5500, as well as Tattvadipa, a half-yearly journal.

The Academy not only has a sizeable indological library and an advanced computing department specializing in Sanskrit analysis and teaching, but it is also home to a vast library of ancient manuscripts.

The manuscripts are kept very professionally, and most of them are in extremely good condition. The outstanding management of the Academy also manifests itself in the fact that its manuscript library is in better condition and under better supervision than some of the best manuscript libraries in Europe. The director of the Academy, Professor M. A. Lakshmithathachar, has been very far-sighted in setting up a safe place for manuscripts already many years ago, gradually building up this library from various ancient holdings in South India. He has set up a dedicated team of manuscriptologists, who are keeping these invaluable books in beautiful condition in a special manuscript section of their central library building. For a western Indologist like the one who is writing these lines, it was an exciting sensation to see that in this blessed old temple town Sanskrit is still taught using the actual manuscripts, by people who use computers to write their own software applications for research and teaching.

Melkote is truly exceptional, and it is with considerable pride that we announce our cooperation with this prestigious academy, the first place in Karnataka to receive an digitisation station. Over the next years we will gradually publish the invaluable holdings of the Academy's manuscript library, including some unique manuscripts, and innumerable texts that have never been published before. We are also encouraging the production of transliterations, translations and critical editions, as well as courses for learning the various scripts found in these manuscripts.

If you would are interested in learning Sanskrit, or doing Indological research, or just enjoying the lively atmosphere at the Melkote Academy campus, we will be glad to pass on your interest. Please do not hesitate to contact us at, or call +49 7121 38113-40. If you prefer to contact the Academy directly, please direct your inquiries to:

Professor M. A. Lakshmithathachar
Academy of Sanskrit Research
Melkote 571 431
Phone: +91 8236 48741

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