Stock photography and image licenses

for product design, the media, artwork ... has an ever-growing collection of unique digital images of beautiful miniatures, drawings, paintings, medieval books, Indian manuscripts, sheet music.

Our world-heritage images make wonderful products, in interior design, on textiles, wallpapers, lamp screens, etc.
They simply add class and culture to any kind of product.

And of course they are the authentic material if you need images for media projects, publications, advertising, etc.

The quality of these images is absolutely exceptional, due to the near-microscopic quality of our digitisation stations. Our images are normally not captured by digital or analog cameras, but from the much higher quality of high-resolution direct digitisation. This means that we can offer a quality that other stock photography vendors cannot normally offer!

Most of our images are taken from objects of world heritage status. These are authentic images, not imitations.

For some types of motifs, we are the only stock photography vendors world-wide.

We are very happy to license the use of these images to you at extremely fair rates, intended to ensure that you can source from us regularly without difficulty.

We can also provide images to suit your individual needs. You may be looking for something in the area of manuscripts, calligraphy, something Indian, something Chinese, something Persian, or a caricature from a medieval manuscript, etc., and you would like something special and just right. Maybe you would like some advise on what type of heritage motif would be suitable. Or you need something of a special resolution, color, size, etc. for a website, a bed-side table book, or for a lamp screen, a bed-spread, a scarf, etc.
We will be happy to help and advise. Just give us a call or send us your inquiry by e-mail.

We have 12 years of experience in servicing the media, the publishing, graphics, advertising and printing industries.
We deliver on CD-ROM, by e-mail, by FTP, by EuroFileTranser and by Leonardo protocol.

Please don't hesitate to contact our servicing office:

Hotline: +49 7121 38113-40
Fax: +49-7121-38113-20

or of course by normal mail addressed to:

Anthos Imprint Ltd. /,
Unter den Linden 15, 72762 Reutlingen, Germany.