Ways you can help

In order to maximize the funds available to us, we operate in small, efficient and easily managed units. Each unit operates a small number of workstations. There are two types of units: mobile units (operating Digitization Mobiles, driving around the country, city by city, village by village) and stationary units (in universities, mathas, libraries, or in regional e-ternals.com headquarters).

Thanks to modern digital technology, our equipment costs are not very high. One single workstation can digitize around ten palm-leaf books per day, or around 96 sheets of miniature painting of the size of the Jehangir miniatures, per day.
We need many such workstations. Considering that many libraries or mathas have tens of thousands of palm-leaf books, paper manuscripts, paper books and other materials, we are grateful for every single additional workstation.

We also need a lot more Digitization Mobiles to drive around the country and locate palm-leaf books and other materials in private holdings, scattered around the country in mostly non-governmental ownership.
A Digitization Mobile is basically a van containing one workstation and operated by two staff.
Because the scanner and the computer equipment are actually quite large, the van has to offer enough space, with a large table, two chairs, and safe buffered storage space for the equipment during driving, to protect the delicate optoelectronics. We need many more such Digitization Mobiles.

We also need manpower, office space for regional digitization headquarters, infrastructure and supplies. Our financial accounting unit (distributing royalties to owners of originals, libraries, mathas, scholars, scientists, etc.) needs accountants and infrastructure for them.

The task of preserving and publishing India’s heritage is enormous. We are especially looking for corporate sponsors who will be proud to be official sponsors of India’s heritage. Our PR experts will be pleased to discuss the many ways we can reward you and your company for your engagement. We are looking for long-term sponsors with whom we can build up a mutually beneficient cooperation.

But we are also grateful for even the smallest contribution, no matter how small and how short-term. We appeal to all of you who recognize with us the need for this action. If you feel you can support us, please get in touch.

For our sponsors we create special patronage programmes through which our sponsors can directly support a particular digitization project. For instance, if your interest is in Jehangir miniatures, or in Vaishnava or Shivite palm-leaf books, or in Tamil texts, or in Ayurveda – we can custom-tailor the perfect sponsorship programme specially for you, or your company.

We take special care of our corporate sponsors, working in many ways to reward them for their sponsorship for this important task of nation-wide concern.
For example, we have a good media work unit with many years of successful advertising experience, which will make sure your sponsorship is known to the country. We are regularly on Indian television, on radio, and in the print media. World-renowned universities and national libraries have endorsed us and support our effort. Their experts appear regularly in the media on our behalf and give interviews explaining the need for what we are doing.
Our Digitization Mobiles can carry your logo and advertising materials all over the country. You can even send your own team along with our digitization team.

We produce posters, postcards, T-shirts, merchandise, and of course thousands and thousands of multimedia e-ternals CD-ROMs that we send out to customers nation-wide and internationally. Each of these can carry your logo and advertising materials. The entire e-ternals.com distribution system can be used as a channel for your advertising message.