Digitisation – why?

Dear reader –

thank you for your interest in our work! Our aims are

- to preserve and to protect the world's cultural heritage,

- and to publish it and make it available democratically and affordably.

Recognizing that a truly extraordinary amount of our cultural heritage is decaying physically or jeopardized by human fanaticism or natural disasters, we have decided that the best way to achieve these aims is digitisation and replication.

Using ISO norms as our guidelines, and media with a life-time of up to 200 years, we produce digital media which are guaranteed to be useable by future generations of computer users.

The digital revolution has presented us with the first technology that allows us to produce copies which are 100% identical to the original. For the first time in history, we can make unlimited amounts of truly identical copies, on better and better data carriers, forever and ever. There is no better way to perpetuate our cultural heritage than this. Which is why I called this initiative "e-ternals.com".

All manuscripts, printed books, paintings, drawings will eventually decay from sheer old age. Not so when they are digitised. Thanks to our strict adherence to documented international norms, the digitised copy can be used and replicated perfectly in future.

Our project is an instrument of empowerment: for the first time in history, it costs only a few dollars to get hundreds of original manuscript or book pages on a single data carrier, such as a CD-ROM. Reduced versions of the data can even put on the Internet. Wherever computers or the Internet are not cheaply available to the public, we can quickly and inexpensively send beautiful facsimile replicas in printed form by post, because modern digital printing allows to do this cheaply and selectively, at a quality that is virtually as good as the original.

Gone are the times when it was necessary to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see a particular manuscript or book. Gone the days when the only way to get a facsimile edition of a painting, a drawing or a music score was to buy a book costing hundreds of dollars. Gone the days when you had to buy expensive critical editions to find out what the original texts or music scores really contain.

It is our intention to publish significant materials from our cultural heritage on digital media --because this is the most affordable, practical and democratic way.

If you would like to know more about our work, please feel free to write to me directly.

We are trying to perform a public service. If you think you could in any way help or sponsor us, or if you are interested in having certain originals digitised, please also get in touch. I will be very happy to discuss possibilities with you personally.

Yours sincerely,

Gunthard Mueller

Unter den Linden 15
D-72762 Reutlingen
Phone: +49-7121-38113-40
Fax: +49-7121-38113-20
e-mail: gm@e-ternals.com