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In this area we are publishing textual information on various aspects of digitisation and publication of heritage art and documents, including articles on methodology, technical issues, background information, information on how to join or help, frequently asked questions, press releases, etc. Texts are available in HTML and/or PDF formats. For PDF you require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from
We are not trying to be encyclopedic here. If there is something you would like to discuss with us that is not covered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch, via, phone (+49-7121-38113-40) or fax (+49-7121-38113-20).

HTML   PDF   Digitisation – Why?

HTML   PDF   Digitisation or micro-filming? Why we have selected digitisation.

HTML   PDF – Technical issues on the Way to Universal Standards in Digitisation

HTML   PDF   Preserving India's Heritage

HTML   PDF   Ways you can help


HTML   PDF   Can I license facsimile data for product design or media use?

HTML   PDF   Can I publish research work through

HTML   PDF   Can I do a digitisation project with

HTML   PDF   Can we contribute digitisation data to

HTML   PDF   Data carrier technology, or: How does a digital library work?

HTML   PDF   Digital manuscript enhancement

HTML   PDF   Digital manuscript reconstruction/restoration

HTML   PDF   Digitisation technology and the principle of non-intrusion

HTML   PDF   Earning revenue with

HTML   PDF   I have an interesting manuscript. Can you digitise it?

HTML   PDF   Impartiality issues, or: How independent is

HTML   PDF   Independence from operating systems and software applications

HTML   PDF   Internet and data carriers: what the Internet is good for, and what it cannot do.

HTML   PDF   Meta-data and interfacing with library catalogs and users

HTML   PDF   Press releases

HTML   PDF   Protecting manuscripts through digitisation and publication

HTML   PDF   References, and short history of

HTML   PDF   Returning manuscripts to their culture of origin, without stealing...

HTML   PDF   Selecting originals for digitisation: principles for priority lists

HTML   PDF   Sharing manuscripts with each other, or: Should we go public?

HTML   PDF   Sponsors Hall of Fame

HTML   PDF   Stationary digitisation vs. mobile digitisation

HTML   PDF   The quality of digitisation

HTML   PDF   Types of publication

HTML   PDF   We would like to sponsor the digitisation of specific originals. Will you do it?

HTML   PDF   What is an partner?

HTML   PDF   Will you digitise this library, if we find sponsorship?

HTML   PDF   Which projects can I sponsor?

HTML   PDF   Who can I talk to if I need assistance with digitisation issues?