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printed facsimile editions


Many world-heritage items are not just significant texts, but simply beautiful to look at. In some cases, it is hard to judge which is more fascinating - the art or the text.

We are sharing this fascinating world with all of you, by making beautiful reproductions and derivative items available to everybody at truly decent prices.

These things make wonderful gifts. Of course, if you are like us here, you'll probably find it hard to give it away once you have it!

Thanks to modern technology, we can even offer you complete manuscripts as printed facsimile reproductions. These are manuscripts which would never be allowed to leave the treasure chambers where they are preserved. With our state-of-the-art facsimile reproductions, you can have them right on your desk, or in your living-room... These reproductions are also ideal as teaching material for students, in situations where you have no access to real manuscripts, or where you are not permitted to take them out of the restricted area of the library. And while real manuscripts get damaged if you were to photocopy them, these reproductions won't mind.